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Can't Log Into Parser - password rejected

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I can’t log in at, as my password is being rejected. Not sure why, since I’m using the same credentials as I use to log into my Zapier account. I use a password manager so I’m confident that I’m not mistyping the password, or using the wrong one. Thoughts?


Best answer by wma_brian 14 May 2023, 15:25

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Ah, disregard - I didn’t realize I was supposed to click the “Log in with your Zapier account” button instead of just entering my credentials. I though the button was instructions, not a button 🤣

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No worries @wma_brian - thanks for letting us know that this time it was user error 😅


Come back any time with any question you may have and we’re happy to get you sorted!




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@wma_brian - glad you got it sorted! We’ll be here if you have any additional questions. Happy Zapping!