Can't log in to Rocket Chat server with RocketChatCLIAPI@2.0.0 app

  • 28 March 2024
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We’ve had zaps set up that post messages to our Rocket Chat server for ages, without any problem.

Recently, the original Rocket Chat app was deprecated, which disabled out zaps. When trying to upgrade to the new version of the app, authenticating with our Rocket Chat server fails.

When I click the Sign In button, a window opens allowing me to enter the URL of our Rocket server.

If I enter the URL with no trailing slash and press Yes, Continue to Rocket.Chat, I immediately get an error with 404 in the url, which says `Invalid OAuth client`:


If I enter the URL with a trailing slash, there’s an eternal ellipsis animation, and the authentication never completes:


This means that our Rocket Chat zaps don’t work - I can’t re-enable them with the deprecated app (which appears to work fine, according to the Test button), and I can’t complete the upgrade to the new version.

Our Rocket Chat server version was 6.5.0. I upgraded it to the latest release, 6.6.6, but the Zap authentication still doesn’t work.

Anybody have any solutions, or things to try?

Or, does anyone know how to get in touch with whoever develops the app, so I can get help directly?

3 replies

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Hi @robertfromont 

You may want to try reaching out to Rocket.Chat Support for help troubleshooting their Zap app integration.


It turns out that the direct Zapier integration we were using is no longer supported in Rocket Chat:

“Zapier integration has been deprecated from Rocket.Chat 6.0.
You can install the Zapier app from Marketplace to avoid disruptions.”


...and the the Zapier app is free, but only if we pay:

“Zapier is a free application available only on workspaces with Premium plans”



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Thanks for sharing that information here @robertfromont

I couldn’t find anything on this end to confirm that you now need to upgrade to a premium plans but it may be a recent change that they’ve implemented. I’d recommend reaching out to directly to check whether this should be the case for their existing customers that were previously using Zapier or whether it’s a requirement for new customers only. 

Please keep us in the loop on how you get on with them!