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Can't email address to populate from stripe to hubspot



Hope someone can help because this is doing my head in.  I’m trying to send Stripe payments to hubspot using this template

I get everything I need apart from the email address which has a null value when I do it in test mode.  So it finds a previous transaction but email is missing.  Any ideas?




Best answer by ken.a 3 May 2023, 21:55

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Hi @Melfeedback,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Before we dig deeper into this, have you tried loading in a new sample data by clicking on “Load more” and then typing “@” on the search bar to see if it’ll load in a sample data that contains an email address?

Thanks! 😊

I’m normally pretty good at this nonsense but Zapier is not familiar to me, I can’t even find that option


When I run the test from this trigger the email is null 


1. New Payment in Stripe


Everything else is there, I would have assumed even though it is an old transaction that it would populate the email like it has with the other values but it’s null

I’m using the wrong thing right?  I need to connect more than one Zap, so one for processing the payment and another for updating the contact details if needed.  All I’m looking to do at the moment is pass the payment info from Stripe to Hubspot as a starter for ten :(


Any help would be amazing

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Hi @Melfeedback 


Since you just need to move the payment from Stripe to Hubspot, then you are using the correct template. 


What @ken.a is referring to is what you can see in the below screenshot



As you can see, the “Load more” would load more transactions from Stripe, once you choose one of the items shown (“Subscription I” for example) a search bar will appear where you can search for the “@” and get an email like shown below


Make sure you are using the Editor (i.e.: go to My Zaps or Zaps > choose the zap you want to edit > click Edit Zap. 


Hope this helps :) 

I don’t get a load more bar.  Is it because the Zap isn’t published so still in test mode?



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Hi @Melfeedback,

You would want to click on the arrows next to the “Payment C” section of the trigger for the “Load more” to show up. Like so:

(view larger)

Please give that a try, and keep us posted!

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Hi @Melfeedback 


Click where it says “Payment C” , a dropdown will appear where you would see Payments A and B and you would see Load More 

Ah ok, thanks for this, that worked.  I’ve managed to grab the contact details and email address finally but there are no options to pass the donation values across to the contact record.  Does that mean another Zap is required to attach the transaction to the email contact?

There are no variables in the actions dialogue to add this info, sorry and again appreciate your patience



Ok I think I’ve almost got it.  I can add/update a contact and I can submit a deal but I can’t join the two together!  So close and yet so far, any ideas would be welcome



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Hey there,  @Melfeedback! options to pass the donation values across to the contact record.

Do you mean, you’re not seeing the donation value come across from the Stripe transaction or that the field in Hubspot you would like to place the donation value isn’t showing?

I can add/update a contact and I can submit a deal but I can’t join the two together.

That’s correct, so in this case your zap would look like:

  1. New Payment - Stripe
  2. Create/Update Contact - Hubspot
  3. Create Deal - Hubspot

I hope some of this helps! 🧡

Thanks Christina, that’s what I thought I would have to do but I can’t get it to pass an email address in the second Zap, it doesn’t exist as an available field.  I tried using it as a variable field but it didn’t work when I tested the action and I assume email is used as the unique key to join the contact and the deal.


At the moment I can only get the first and last name in the deal Zap - I’ll have a look again so thanks for the advice, looks like I’m doing the right thing but doing it wrong somehow :)

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Hi @Melfeedback! 👋

Hmm, it looks like HubSpot has a Create Associations action that creates an association between two objects:  

Can you try adding that action to the Zap to see if it will allow you to associate the Deal object with the correct Contact object?

Keen to know whether that works so please do report back here to let us know if that sorts it! 🙂

Hey Sam


Awesome find, thanks for this I’ll definitely try that and see if it works and come back to you later and let you know if it works, I think the issue is the unique key would be email address but that doesn’t surface in the Zap but it might be an issue with the level of our account package.

I had a call with Hubspot earlier and they suspected that might be the problem but still waiting for them to confirm




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Ah, thanks for keeping us in the loop! Keep us posted what you hear from Hubspot - definitely want to make sure you’re all squared away here. 🙂

Hi all


Sorry for the delay and thanks for all your help with this.  Apparently there is no way to link the two using Zapier, you have to use another tool or get custom dev done which seems like a major oversight.  I even tried their own integration and it imports the contacts but doesn’t link them to deals!

Hope this is helpful


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Aw, well that’s a sad way to end the thread.

You’re a rockstar for troubleshooting with us and for sharing your findings from HubSpot with the community though! Thank you for always looping back around to keep us all updated - it’s so appreciated and I know it’s going to help anyone experiencing a similar issue. 🙂

Let us know if you have any other questions in the meantime - we're always happy to help.