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Can't connect Zapier to local Outlook, reason and solution?

  • 8 February 2023
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I use Outlook locally, not as part of Office 365 (or whatever).

I’d like to create a PDF from emails going to a certain account.

I cannot connect Zapier to Outlook.

I assume it’s because my emails are only local - is that correct? Am I even phrasing my question sensibly?



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5 replies

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Hi @dippydyes 


What do you mean locally? Are you not the admin of the account? What's the error you get when trying to link it to Zapier?

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OK, I’ve thought of another way to phrase my question: If my email address does not include, then can I use a Zap that connects to MS Outlook?

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If it doesn't include @ outlook . com, is it an Outlook business account ? Are you using your own domain? Can you login from using your username and password? 

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It is my own domain and I’ve never been on I have the Outlook program installed on my home computer as part of the Office Suite, and I assume there’s no way for Outlook to be aware of any emails sent to 

I thought this might be one, but still haven’t come up with a use for Zapier.

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Thanks for the clarification @dippydyes , so you just use the outlook app but you have some other mail provider.


You can still use Zapier in many ways. For example, you can use Mail by Zapier and set a rule on your email to send any email with specific criteria to this email address where it would trigger a zap. 

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