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Can't connect a Zap to DigitalOcean

  • 18 January 2023
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I need to create a Zap to create daily DigitalOcean snapshot. When I try to connect to DigitalOcean, The first time I tried I was directed to DO and signed in -- but the Zap wasn’t responsive. On subsequent attempts to connect I get  this message attempting to connect to DO:  “An OAuth application with that client ID was not found.”


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6 replies

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Hey @rogerpence sorry for the trouble here! It looks as though perhaps the credentials you’re using when authenticating the account are incorrect or not what DigitalOcean is expecting. Are you able to send over a screenshot of the pop-up that asks you to enter in your information to auth the account?

We may have to guide you over to our support team but I’d like to see if there is anything we can untangle for you here, first. Also, please make sure to not include any PII in your screenshot. Thanks!



I don’t get the change to enter credentials. When I click connect, I immediately see the ““An OAuth application with that client ID was not found.” error. Just for grins, I deleted all Zapier domain cookies before trying again. 

Thanks, rp

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@rogerpence Gotcha, that’s helpful to know! I did a bit more digging here and it looks like this was identified as a bug in which DigitalOcean users cannot add a connection via OAuth. I have added you as an affected user and as soon as we have a resolution, we’ll email you to let you know. If we have any updates in the meantime, we’ll also be sure to come back to this thread and share them. 

I’m sorry for the bummer news here but I am hoping our devs can get things back up and running ASAP! 🙏

Thank you, Jesse. That is a bummer! 

We’re also affected by this issue and would be great to know when it’s resolved. Thanks!

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Hi @JamesHD 

I’ve added to the list of affected user’s and we’ll notify you via email once an update is available. Thanks!