Can I trigger on data that never made it to my Zap History because I was using the wrong app?

  • 5 October 2022
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A client had some Zaps that we’re not sending data, but no errors were received.  After reviewing, I noted that they had the Keap application in the Zap, and they should have had Keap Max Classic.  Once I updated the app to be Keap Max Classic the Zap started working. 


My question is - since no error messages was received could that data when connected to Keap be somewhere? The client is hoping that the data did not just disappear. 

3 replies

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Hi @tina_walker 👋🏾,

Please check out the Zap History for this Zap. Sometimes an error message is not sent out but information that should have been sent out is found in the Zap History. Please pop in over there and let me know if any information was found! 

@chanelle no luck on the Zap history. This is what I see for the two Zaps -

The only items that were found was after my correction from Keap to Keap Max Classic app today.

I wonder how we were even able to set up an app using Keap Max Classic credentials on the Keap app? 

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@tina_walker If we received any data and the Zap is on, then we would see runs in your Zap History. Strangely enough, it appears that we didn’t receive any data on our end, though you may want to check with Keap to see on their end!