Calendly info not being added into Google Sheets

  • 23 March 2022
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Hi All,


I have set up a zap where discovery calls via Calendly are entered onto a Google Sheet, except it’s not working. It has so far failed to populate any fields on the Google sheet, despite testing ok.

When I get to the ‘test’ stage it does pull through Calendly info from my Outlook calendar, but I thought maybe it doesn’t pull through existing calendar entries, so I created a test meeting myself in Calendly & it still does not populate the sheet.

Any ideas what is missing here? Thanks

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3 replies

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HI @gandalftheking 

Please post screenshots of how your Zap is set up. 


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HI @gandalftheking 

Please post screenshots of how your Zap is set up. 


I knew someone would say that, lol - its seems to be moot now!

I had left one field blank in the zap actions but since filling it with ‘holding pattern’ text, it has taken the full info through to the spreadsheet,

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Heya @gandalftheking (appreciated username by the way) 

Glad to hear the Zap is now working as intended! And definitely get the “need to see Zap or didn’t count”-- we usually need to see at least a snippet of your Zap to troubleshoot, but if it’s all working then no need! 😊

Definitely jump back in if you have any questions as you’re building other Zaps, we’ve got your back.