Calendly Filters aren't working

  • 25 January 2023
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Hi, I have set up calendly filters to only create hubspot deals if the event is of a specific name or the assignee are specific people. However, we keep seeing new hubspot leads being created and a completely different event type.




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6 replies

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Hi @hannah L ,


That Filter will pass if if any single one of those three conditions are true. So if the type matches or if it’s assigned to either of those people. Is that the desired logic? Are you seeing deals created where none of the criteria are true?


Also, it’s great that you’ve obscured the private info there, but we’re also missing some operator information. For example, are they all set to “contains,” “exactly matches,” or something else?


Let me know what the operators are and how you’re seeing deals created that don’t meet the logic and we can dig in more!

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the contacts are beign created from calendar links that don’t meet any of the criteria. See attached on the operators


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Hi @hannah L 

Good question.

To help you troubleshoot, try checking your Zap Runs history details to see the DATA IN/OUT for each Zap step.

Make sure to review the Filter step to see which conditions matched (green) or did not match (yellow).

This will help you understand why a Zap Run did or did not pass the Filter step.

If you can provide a screenshot, that will be helpful.

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Hi there @hannah L - checking in with your progress here, any other questions or you were able to utilize the responses you got above. Either way let us know and we’re happy to help! 

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thanks - i believe the issue is resolved.

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Hey @hannah L thanks for letting us know! What did the issue end up being? We’d love to share your solution with the rest of Community if we’re able!