Calendar GPT error: Need write access

  • 11 November 2023
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Hi everyone,

I am using the new CalendarGPT feature within ChatGPT to add a new event to my Google Calendar.  I believe I’ve set everything up properly and double-checked I’m using the correct calendar.  I even re-authorized the account multiple times within Zapier.  Unfortunately, I continuously am told by CalendarGPT that it’s receiving an error that I need write access to the calendar.

I’ve looked everywhere in my Google Calendar settings but don’t see anywhere to grant write access to a 3rd party.  Anyone have tips on how to proceed?

Attached are my authorized actions within Zapier.  Please note these have been granted for Open AI’s ChatGPT, GPT & Zapier’s AI Actions.

Any suggestions are appreciated.  Thank you!

2 replies

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cc: @Reid 

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Thanks Troy

@tealimepie - I’m not familiar with that error but if you contact our support we can look into what’s going on. Use this link and fill in the form at the bottom.