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Bullhorn CRM: Triggers returning errors (Candidate 1, Opportunity 1, etc.)

Has there been an update on the Bullhorn CRM trigger problems? I keep getting an error when trying to pull data from Bullhorn (only getting responses such as Candidate 1 or Opportunity C, etc.). I am able to integrate items into Bullhorn but when trying to pull data out of Bullhorn, I get all sorts of problems. 

I reached out to Bullhorn and after several weeks of working with them, they said the problem lies on your side of the application. Please help! This is vital for we just purchased for our workflow management and getting information out of Bullhorn is essential.


Best answer by SamB 25 April 2023, 16:34

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Hey @SaraM. Welcome to the Community! 😁

I’m so sorry to hear of the troubles with the Bullhorn CRM app. Just to confirm, is this happening across all triggers or just specific ones?

And can you please share the full error message you’re running into? Asking as us folks in Community can’t look into your Zaps. Alternatively if you could take a screenshot of the error (with any personal details like names, emails removed/hidden) and share it here that would be super helpful to us.

Thanks for your assistance on this. Very keen to help get to the bottom of this so we’ll be keeping an eye out for your reply!

Hi Sam - Sure! See the screenshots below.



and it’s happening with all triggers that try to pull data OUT of Bullhorn.

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Thanks for sending over those helpful screenshots, @SaraM

Ah, ok so the error is coming from but it’s being caused by a bug with the Bullhorn CRM app. I’ve added you to the list of users being affected by that bug so we can send you an email to let you know when it’s been fixed. 

In the meantime, there have been reports that this bug isn’t present on the older version of the Bullhorn CRM app (version 1.2.1) so I’d suggest switching to that version of the app to see if that allows you to pull through the necessary information from Bullhorn:

I’ve not tested out that workaround myself so please do report back here to confirm whether that works as hoped! 🙂

Hi there, 

any updates on this here? 

I cannot find the old Bullhorn Version you are suggesting to use. Or is this only possible in a paid plan?


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Hi there @Rackelhahn,

Thank you for letting us know about this issue. I tried selecting the 1.2.1 version of Bullhorn CRM myself, but it seems I encountered the same problem as you did. I'm sorry to say that there is no workaround available for this bug at the moment. I understand how frustrating this must be, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

I have added your email address to the open bug report. We will keep you informed through this thread or via email as soon as there are any updates on the matter. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Hopefully, this helps! 😊

Hi there,

is there any solution or workaround yet? Can you tell me, if Bullhorn itself or someone else is responsible for that? Because if they are, i will try to contact them for this topic.


Best regards,


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Hi there @Rackelhahn,

Unfortunately, there are no workaround for this one yet. Please note that the Bullhorn CRM integration is maintained and managed by their team. It might be helpful to reach out to them directly and inform them about the bug you've encountered with their app.

They have access to the bug reports in our system, but hearing directly from their users can provide valuable insights as well.

Thank you for your understanding.

@Rackelhahn I’ve already gone to Bullhorn (spent WEEKS with them) and they said that the problem is on your side. This really needs to be fixed as I use Bullhorn for all my applicants and clients but manage the workflow in other resources. Please, please, please escalate this to your development manager. Thank you!

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I’m so sorry you’re still running into trouble here @SaraM.

I double-checked and the Bullhorn app integration on Zapier is definitely owned and managed by their own developers, not Zapier. Our team will of course assist them as much as we can from our side but ultimately it will up to Bullhorn’s developers to fix the issue. 

That said, is it possible to set up an email notification within Bullhorn to go to a specific email address when a new entity is added to a tearsheet? If so, and those email notifications contain all the necessary information you’d need, then perhaps you could use an app like Email Parser by Zapier and trigger on those email notifications instead (see: Trigger Zaps from new parsed emails)?

Would that be a viable option here?

@everyone I just received an answer from Bullhorn:


Hi ________,

This is _____ from Bullhorn Senior Support. The conversation between our Product team and Zapier has ended and it has been decided to close this issue with No Fix Planned status.

If you want a more detailed reasoning for why this has been decided, I can reach out to your Account Manager who will be able to manage your expectations.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I will be happy to continue discussing this issue with you.


_____ - Enterprise Support Analyst

So I guess, there is no way to do this with zapier but maybe Webhooks and their API.


Best regards

Any update here? Has Bullhorn decided to end with Zapier?

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Hi @BrandonCharleson 👋

@Rackelhahn - so sorry for missing your previous message here! I can’t see any notes on the bug report about that. As far as I can see on this end, the Bug Report for this issue is still open. 

@BrandonCharleson - I’ve added you to the list of folks being impacted by this issue so we can notify you once it’s been fixed.

In the meantime as it sounds like Bullhorn aren’t able to implement a fix for this right now, perhaps the API Request (Beta) action for Bullhorn CRM could be used to get the missing information? It looks like the endpoint you’d need to reference would potentially be the GET /entity one as that should allow you to get all the details for the entity when searching for it by it’s ID: It’s a bit more advanced to set up then the usual Bullhorn CRM actions as you’d need to reference their API documentation to create the API request, but we have a general guide which may be helpful to review: Set up an API request action

Hope that helps. If you run into any issues in setting up that API Request action do let us know, happy to assist further! 🙂