Bexio contact Zap only syncs new contacts after reset

hey, I created a zapier to synchronize my contacts from bexio to Microsoft Office 365. Now I noticed that, probably because of a previous test, many contacts are duplicated. So I deleted all contacts in office 365, deleted my apps and deleted my zap. Then I recreated the zap and reconnected my account. I chose:
new/updated person in bexio -> create contact in microsoft office 365
now only the last person created is synchronized. the other contacts that it previously synchronized without errors are no longer synchronized. does anyone have a tip as to why this no longer works?
I also have a question, with m365 I can choose between create and update contact. If I understand correctly, with create only new contacts from bexio are synchronized to m365. if I change a person's data in bexio, it is not synchronized? right? and if I want new contacts and changes to be synchronized?
and what if I delete contacts in bexio?

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Hi @nodudeforyou 

I’d recommend using these Zap steps:

  1. Trigger: Bexio - New/Updated Person
  2. Action: MS O365 - Find Contact
  3. Action: Paths
  4. Action: Path A: MS O365 - Create Contact
    1. Use if Step 2 found = false
  5. Action: Path B: MS O365 - Update Contact
    1. Use if Step 2 found = true



Thank you very much. I tried, but its still the same. Now only new entries or changes are synchronized. Existing contacts are no longer transferred from bexio to Outlook.

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For us to have context, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured in EDIT mode.


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Can you post screenshots with how each Zap step is configured in EDIT mode to give us full context?



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Things to try…

Check your Zap Runs history details to see the DATA IN/OUT for each Zap step to trace the data flow and troubleshoot:


For Step 7, the Contact field may expect a different value.

Post screenshots showing how the step is configured in EDIT mode so we can see the field types and field descriptions.


For both Filter steps, those may not be configured correctly, especially for the email condition.

For all the conditions, you may want to use a different condition operator instead of: is in/is not in