Better Triggering Zap for New Asana Message to New Clio Time Entry

  • 15 February 2024
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Hell All, 

I am trying to find a way that in Asana, on a given project, on a given task, a new message can create a new time entry in Clio. I have a Team called “Open Cases” where I have as many as 30 cases (Projects) at a time, where new ones come in, old ones get closed, so it’s constantly moving. I have a legal assistant and we communicate and do most of our work together in Asana. I would like the legal assistant to be able to input her time from a given task in Asana as a “New Story” that can be zapped to Clio, my practice management software. For instance, in the given client project, there could be a task such as “Get Documents from Client” that the legal assistant was assigned. Then attempted or completed, she can create a new message that triggers the time entry in Clio such as: “New Time Entry 5m: Called Client and discussed documents he needed to provide.” As you might imagine, there would be filtering zaps and also other zap tools to parse things out. And I should mention that a time entry may not be due to a completed task - that’s why I mentioned the attempted scenario. 

The problem that I have is that when creating a new zap and trigger that is “New Story” it requires that I choose a particular Project (and Task). I want this to trigger on any project and any task as that would be a ton of individual Zaps (a project could have over 50 tasks each) - it would be filtered accordingly by “New Time Entry.” It seems time consuming to create a new zap for every Project I have - like I said, I have 30 and it is constantly moving towards being closed and last in my system anywhere between 45 days to 12 months. And once I get passed this hurdle, I don’t believe I will have a hard time “finding matter” in Clio since my Asana projects have the same ID numbers and names as they do in Clio.

Any suggestions for how to get around this? I should mention, using the trigger of “New Subtask” also creates this same issue.


Thanks in advance - Joe

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