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  • 6 February 2023
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Approval by Zapier will be discontinued on February 28, 2023. If you’re using Approval by Zapier, you can still create approval steps in your Zaps using Zapier Tables and Zapier Interfaces. Request access to both apps through our Early Access Program.

Hi all,

I have an app which uses the Approval app. Recently i received an emial that the approval app will be replaced by tables and interfaces.


When i try to acces via the link in my email, i get directed to my Zaps dashboard. the same happens when i try 

I do have a starters plan, could that be the reason?

Please see attached video of what is happening.

I hope you can help me out!


KR Bram

4 replies

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@Lars  and @Troy Tessalone Just wondering is this a know issue, and anything i could do about it? Though changing a browser might resolve it but it didn't.


Should I raise a ticket at support?


KR Bram

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If the issue still persists, then yes, please open a ticket with Zapier Support:

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Hi @Bram,


Apologies for the delay, I was out of office. Troy is right and it’s an access issue. It means you should join the Early Access Program and get your access approved. I think we just updated your account so it should work now, but otherwise just reach out and submit your email so we can help.


Here’s a handy link directly to the Early Access Support team: