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Appending a contact to a list of contacts in a linked column on

  • 25 February 2024
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My goal is to append a new contact onto the list of existing contacts in linked column

For example: If a receive a new contact for deal 2 named joe shmoe, the automation should add joe shmoe onto the list of contacts already in the column and row, in this case there should be 2 total contacts, Phoenix Levy and Joe Shmoe mapped to deal 2

However, I could not find an event in that would append, but instead update the column based on my input - for example, if I input the ID of joe shmoe it would simply delete pheonix levy and replace it with Joe Shmoe. This is done by using the "change multiple columns value" event.

These are the configurations that successfully replaced Phoenix Levy with Joe Shmoe, the ID above is the ID for Joe Shmoe

To work around this I looked up all the IDs of the existing contacts (in the case of deal 2, this is just the ID of Phoenix Levy)

I then input the IDs as a comma separated list as instructed, however, when there is more than 1 ID my action, the message says “failed to create an item in”

configurations that cause failure
error message

I have tried many different formats such as:
[6131802974, 6131801210]
6131802974, 6131801210

Since each of these IDs run correctly on their own, I can’t figure out what is causing the issue 

Is there a different way to achieve appending a contact to a list of contacts in a linked column field in or is this just not possible?


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Hi @cauto 

You may have to explore using the Monday API:


Hi @cauto 

You may have to explore using the Monday API:


Hi Troy,

Thank you so much for the response. Appreciate all of your help in the community!

What does this step mean by “list of item IDs”? was this originally intended to enable the aggregation of multiple items to a linked column… and is likely having an error on the backend?

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Hi @cauto! 👋

I couldn’t see any documentation internally for that field that explained why it’s asking for a list of ID but it only accepting one. The app on Zapier is built and maintained by their own developers so it may be worth reaching out to them directly as they’ll have more context on the requirements for that field. 

I did a bit more digging and came across a post on the forum where other folks were having similar issues and one person was able to get around it by using a Looping by Zapier action to update each of the items:

That said, am I correct in thinking that you’re using the Zap to update the deal to add the new contact?

If so, I wonder if it might work better to update the contact instead to connect them to the deal? Just thinking that would in theory allow you to just pass the ID for the deal you want to connect the contact to rather than having to attempt to update the deal with a list of all the existing and new contacts that need to be connected to it.

Hope that helps. Please do keep us updated on how you get on with this! 🙂