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Anyone have experience connecting Scoro to ServiceNow via Zapier?


Does anyone have experience connecting Scoro to ServiceNow via Zapier?  We recently tested a Zap in the reverse order (ServiceNow to Scoro) and with a little testing, now have it working where a new escalation will automatically create a task in Scoro, in our predefined project.

The 2nd piece to this is getting Scoro to talk back to ServiceNow, and update the existing escalation.  

We have the Zap trigger set as a New or Updated task, and it’s set to look at bookmark filtering (we have this exact same filtering setup in a different Zap that works well, to send an email notification when a task in Scoro hits the bookmark).

We cannot get the Zap to pull data over to ServiceNow, the test action is not working in the Action piece of the Zap, and we don’t see any activity in the Zap history (even though tasks are pulling into the bookmark the trigger looks at).

Does anyone have any experience?  Any insights will be hugely helpful.  Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Faction PMO 

Good question.

Please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured in order for us to have more context, thanks.

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Hi @Troy Tessalone - sure thing!

Trigger - 

Action - 

Test Action - ISSUE:




I’m just not sure where to take this from here.  We don’t use all of the fields available to map in the “Set up action” side (available fields in SNOW), so I’m not sure where to take it from here.


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@Faction PMO

Make sure to review the description for each field.

Most apps will expect an internal ID for standardized field options or linked fields.



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Hey @Faction PMO Just checking in here! Were you able to get things working by using the task owner ID instead of their email address? Depending on what data is (or isn’t) available from your Trigger step, you may need to create a lookup table to lookup the email address and return the corresponding ID to map into that step. More info on that, here: 

Let us know how you’re doing with this one!

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Hey @Faction PMO we haven’t hear back from you so I wanted to summarize the advice in this thread.

I think Troy hit the nail on the head in regards to why your ServiceNow record was not able to be created, which is that the “Approved By” field is likely expecting an Approver ID rather than an email address: 

If you don’t have the ID, you may want to reach out to our support team to request a “Find Approver” search action or something similar. They can dig into the ServiceNow API documentation to determine exactly what is/isn’t possible here.

A workaround to try (if you can find the associated “Approver ID’s” from ServiceNow) would be to create a lookup table to lookup the email address and return the corresponding ID to map into that step: 

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction!