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Anyone else have the issue that scheduling Slack posts causes the Bot Icon to not appear?

  • 15 March 2022
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I have a Zap where the last step is to post to Slack at a scheduled time.

When I test my Zap everything works perfectly. When I actually deploy my Zap the bot name defaults back to “Zapier” and the Bot Icon is removed. Links also expand even though I have Auto-Expand Links set to false and they don’t expand in the test.

The only thing that I change after testing is to add the “Schedule At” scheduled run time. I have to take this out to test because otherwise it will throw an error and not complete the test. Therefore, I think that somehow adding a scheduled runtime is causing my Zap to lose its name, its bot icon, and its link expansion setting.

Anyone else have this issue? How can I fix it and why does it happen?



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Hi @fros 

Good question.

Are you able to post screenshots with how your Zap step is configured for us to have more context?

Hope this helps. The way it works is we have a calendar with all employee anniversaries, each created as an all-day event. The Zap triggers an hour before, so I guess it’s triggering at 11pm the day before. It then randomly selects a phrase and gif using Python and looks the user up in Slack by their email. The last step is actually posting in Slack and that’s where I add a scheduled time of 11am so that it doesn’t post the night before. Everything works except that when it goes live it expands links, the name defaults to “Zapier”, and the Bot Icon defaults to the Zapier logo.

Final Step


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Thanks for sharing those screenshots.

You may want to open a ticket with Zapier Support for them to investigate and troubleshoot this issue further:


Have you considered trying the BirthdayBot app for Slack?

I already opened a ticket with support but thanks. We previously used the BirthdayBot and were considering reactivating it but we already pay for Zapier and I was able to duplicate the functionality pretty easily. Doing it in Zapier is saving us a lot of money and it gives us more freedom to customize it. For example, I had a friend make us the awesome anniversary bot icon that you can see in the first photo I posted. That’s why I’m posting here, since the whole point of using Zapier is for my custom cartoon robot to appear in Slack. If it’s not going to work like it’s supposed to then maybe we will give up and pay for BirthdayBot at some point.

In case anyone else sees this, I forgot to say that I have Zaps that post to Slack in the same way using the same “Send Channel Message in Slack” action and they don’t exhibit any of the problems that I’ve described. The only difference is that the ones that work are not using the “Schedule At” field.

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Hi! I wanted to pop in and mention it looks like fros is experiencing a known bug with the Slack app. Specifically, when the “Schedule At” field is filled out the bot name and icon are ignored. :slight_frown: 

While we don’t have a timeline to offer when this will be fixed we’ll be sure to update the thread when that takes place! 

A workaround my friend Ryan in support mentioned was: 

One workaround would be to leave that blank and add your own delay action to the Zap to ensure it releases at 11am and send the message.

I hope this helps!

@christina.d I will do that for now but it’s unfortunate that I have to use another task as a result.

Please reply to this thread and tag me if the issue is ever fixed.

By the way, it looks like my “Auto-Expand Links” preference is also ignored.

Lastly, it would be hugely helpful if there was an action to check if a Slack user is deactivated.

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Absolutely, @fros! We’ll be sure to update the thread and send you an email once once there’s a fix. 

Thanks for sharing that feedback! Could totally see how that would be useful. While we’re not able to open new feature requests here in the Community, I’d recommend shooting over an email to our support team. They should be able to help get you squared away. 🙂