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Any workarounds for accessing ‘due date/time’ from OnceHub?

  • 19 August 2022
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I have a zap between:

Oncehub (scheduling platform) and clickup (task Manager).

under ‘set up action’ when the zap is creating a new task in clickup, I would like to add the start date/time and end date/time, BUT it seems like there is no ‘due date/time’ data that is being sent from once hub only the ‘start date/time’


1) Can I request this data is added somehow?  Do I request it from Zapier or once hub?  There must be that data field in the once hub schedule platform as its a scheduler so activities have a start and end time
2) Any work around?  there is a meeting duration eg 60 mins, so perhaps the zap can see start date/time and then use the duration field to add 60 minutes to make the then time?

I find it kind of unbelievable that no due date/time field is there. 

Any help would be much appreciated.



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 19 August 2022, 16:27

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5 replies

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Hi @jamesmac 

Good question.

Try this…

OnceHub provide the event duration.


You can use the start time + the duration to set the end time by using modifiers like “+60m” for plus 60 minutes.


Help article:


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wow, thanks for the quick reply.

I also found 

Which is very similar to what you mentioned.

BUT there is some strange behaviour.

When the start time data going into Zapper it looks like this


When its moves the next step ‘data in’ the data now looks like this

Its added -05:00 to the start date?

Then ‘data out’ looks like this 



so the date range is now

22nd Aug - 26th August - 4 days in duration, which is what is created in my click up


Any thoughts?

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You may need to use a Formatter > Date / Time > Format step.

This timestamp is in ISO format which is common for apps since it’s a standardized way of displaying dates and times from large (year) to small (seconds).

The -05:00 is the time zone offset from UTC.


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Hey @jamesmac! Just checking in here to see if Troy’s suggestion with formatting the date/time helped you find success in getting the date to appear correctly in ClickUp. Let us know - we want to make sure you’re good to go here!

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Yes, problem solved, it was a date format issue. Thanks for all the help