Amberscript error: The app returned "Broken URL or unsupported media format in the source

  • 29 March 2023
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Hi there,

I have a mp4 file in google drive and want to transcribe it in amberscript.

In the AmberScript Zap Step, I have to enter a URL for the video. there is now “direktlink” like http://google/myfile.mp4 but I think amberscript want this?


Well I got this error:


Any Idea how to send the mp4 file to amberscriptß

6 replies

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Hi @yefpie 

Good question.

The GDrive file link need to be publicly accessible and a direct download link.

The Shareable Link is not the correct link to use from GDrive.

Try using the “Alternate Link” from GDrive.

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I think I found a way to do it. 

The original shared link looks like:

I converted it manually to


And it worked with amber script.


Now I have to find out how to:

  1. Grap the DocID out of the shared link
  2. Create the new link
  3. Paste it into AmberScript Module

Maybe with Formatter > extract and…..I dont know ^^.

I will come back, if I found a final solution 

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Hey there @yefpie,

Glad to know you were able to get it sorted! Regarding your second question, please keep us posted if you can’t find any other solution. We’re happy to troubleshoot!

Thanks! 😊

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It looks like I've rejoiced too soon.

Zapier test shows me that everything worked, but the file does not arrive in Amber Script.

I have now logged into amberScript and manually entered the link there. When I do this, I get an HTTP 400 error.

Something with "method not allowed”

Amber recognizes the file and shows it on the screen, but the file is named "dc". DC is also in the URL but not the right file name. 

It looks like amber can't handle the Google URL because it doesn't point directly to the *.mp4 file.


Does anyone have an idea for a workaround. Maybe upload to Amazon S3?



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Hi @yefpie,

Thanks for letting us know!

Have you tried mapping the “URL” field with the direct download url link that’s coming from Google Drive? The field should look like this:

(view larger)

Please keep us posted!

Thanks! 😊

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Make sure the file is publicly accessible, meaning you may need to change the folder/file permissions.

You can test this by pasting the GDrive file link into a new/different private browser to see if the download initiates immediately.