Airtable: Create/Update contacts between two workspaces

  • 31 August 2023
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Hi there,


I am trying to setup 2 zaps that will basically keep two Airtable bases synced. The bases are in different workplaces. One workspace is on the Pro Plan & the other is on the Free Plan but this shouldn’t matter with Zapier. The Pro plan base holds all contacts & the Free plan base holds only the contacts assigned to a specific agent. 


My goals:

  1. Whenever a contact is added OR updated in the pro plan base, the zap will update OR create that contact in the free plan base.
  2. Vise Versa: Whenever a contact is added OR updated in the free plan base, the zap will update OR create that contact in the pro plan base.

My Problem:

I have tried multiple ways to get this to work including reformatting the Last Modified Date to ISO, adding a record ID column, and even hiring a freelancer. I either get error messages that make no sense to me or it says the zap is setup correctly with multiple tasks in the history but nothing is updated or created in either base.

My Question:

Is there anyone out there that I can hire to just talk this through with and see if we can work together to get this working? 



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Hi @Cali 

Good question.

Zaps are not meant for 2-way data syncs: