Airtable: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'forEach')

  • 31 March 2023
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We are trying to connect to a Squarespace form to Airtable (creating a new row with line item support), however the line items are not auto populating and then we receive this message:

“Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'forEach')”

We have never seen this before. Can anyone please help? 

Thank you! 

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6 replies

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Hi @GRIDZapz 👋🏽 Welcome to the Zapier Community!

Could you share screenshots of your set up with us (sans any personal information)?

In the meantime, I found this article that suggested the using a semicolon at the end of each line. I don’t know if that will do the trick but certainly worth giving a try!

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Hi @GRIDZapz 

Good question.

Which Zap step is returning the error?


To use Squarespace in Zaps:


Does the app need any special plan pricing?

To use Zapier with Squarespace, you must be on the Website Business plan or higher.
To learn more, visit their Premium features page.

The form on my cover page isn't showing up!

Zapier can only receive data from Form Blocks in Squarespace. Forms created as part of a Cover Page are not yet supported.

As a workaround, you can configure your Cover Page form in Squarespace to use Google Drive or an email address as its storage. You can then trigger your Zap using the Google Sheets or Email Parser integrations.

miscEye icon Note

If your form is within a Form Block and doesn't appear in the dropdown, delete and recreate it within your Squarespace site. It should then appear when you refresh the Zap's dropdown menu. 

I can't turn on my Zap, even though it tested successfully

Squarespace only allows for one live Zap to be associated with a form, so if you have an existing Zap turned on that's connected to your form, you'll need to turn it off before turning on another.

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Thank you. There are 5 screenshots of the setup, below. I see the article about adding the semi colon, but am slightly confused as to where the code is to add it to. Can you please let me know how to locate that?

All suggestions welcome! 

Thank you! 






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Try reselecting the Base, then Table, the clicking the Refresh fields button.

You need to be able to see the fields from the Table in order to configure the step.

Check your Airtable Zap app connection here:


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I had refreshed quite a few times to no avail - but it finally showed up! Hooray! Thank you so much for the help!

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Hi @GRIDZapz 

Great to hear you were able to get everything resolved. 😊

How were you able to solve it? Did you do the workaround that Troy suggested?