Airtable account - The API Key you supplied is invalid

  • 28 February 2023
  • 4 replies

Same issue for me when trying to update my airtable API key to a new personal token.

4 replies

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Hey @zhardman! 👋

Although the error you’re getting is similar to the one discussed in the other topic, you’re connecting to Airtable not Printful so it’s not exactly related to the same issue. So I’ve moved your reply out into it’s own topic so it can get addressed separately.

I suspect the error is occurring as the Airtable is currently expecting an API Key to be supplied here, not a personal access token (PAT). As I understand it the Airtable API keys will be deprecated at the end of January 2024 so they don’t need updating to a personal access token just yet. The Airtable integration will be updated to stop using API Keys in due course, but I don’t have any ETAs on when that will be exactly.

Can you try using your API key to connect to your Airtable account instead and confirm whether that’s still working?

@SamB thank you for your reply, I was just hitting this issue with my team.
Other providers of integrations such as HubSpot have made it plug and play to just swap an API Key for a PAT and it was the same for us when using the Airtable JavaScript client.

Hopefully this is not a heavy lift for your team and can be updated quickly? I believe it is just a matter of updating how the key is passed:

Thank you for your help!


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Hi @floBories 

Best to submit the feedback about the PAT via a ticket to Zapier Support:

NOTE: I’ve already submitted this feedback to Zapier, but having more tickets submitted will help push the agenda forward.

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@floBories and @zhardman 

See this related topic about the new Airtable Zap app integration version that supports (PAT) Personal Access Tokens.