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Account Email Validation

  • 26 July 2022
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I have sent this support request three times and no one from support answers …

I have an account that I have created my first Zap and it will not publish because it states that my email needs to be confirmed:
“You must confirm your email address before enabling this Zap. We have sent an email to”

I have clicked on the link to send me the email so I can confirm, and I never get the email.
Yes, I know to check spam and junk, and AI have gone to the root email server and determined that no email is ever received.

The big issue is that support doesn’t bother to respond.


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I’ve flagged for Zapier Community Admins.


Make sure to search your entire email account for “” to make sure you didn’t miss any emails back from Zapier Support.

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Hey @AEII! Sorry for the trouble here. I just checked our support queue and found 4 of your emails. Our support team merged those threads together and replied to say:

Hi Tony,

Thanks for reaching out—Ian here from Zapier Support!

I'm sorry that you haven't received an email confirmation. This isn't what we want our users to experience, and I'm keen to get this sorted for you!

I checked our records and saw a corresponding ticket regarding your query last Saturday, July 23. Here's the full response of my colleague yesterday, July 25:


Hello Tony,

I hope this email finds you well. This is Justin, one of the Associate Customer Champions here in Zapier. Happy to help!

Really sorry for the hassle here! Just to make sure that I'm tracking the correct logs, could you please retry the email validation process?

Once I get the log containing the validation message, I'll forward it to you immediately.

I'll keep an eye out for your reply and let's pick it up from there!

Best regards,


Furthermore, I checked our email logs and can see that multiple confirmation emails have been sent to you from July 22 up to 25, 2022.


Could you please check your email app settings to see if it blocks email from Zapier? It could be possible that it might have been redirected to a folder/label or was blocked by your email app. The email is coming from - you may need to reach out to your IT or email admin about firewall settings.

I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have other questions!

Best Regards,


I am going to assume your email system may be blocking all emails from our support team, which is why you’re not receiving replies from our support team in addition to those validation emails. Definitely double-check that and keep us posted!

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Good Morning
I did whitelist and search for any email from the …
No email got to my spam filter program (Spam Arrest) …

I then went into my mail server and used the Roundcube to connect and there was nothing …
I then clicked on the confirmation email link in zapier and immediately checked the email in Roundcube directly on the email server.

After doing this a couple of times, the email popped up … and was able to click the link to confirm.

I do not know what is wrong since the email server has no spam filter active. The email never did get to my spam filter but I do get messages from support and the community ?

This is strange but I did get my email finally confirmed and published my zap ...

Thanks You