A duplicate Trello card is created from a Google Forms response during live tests.

I have created a Zap (multiple times now) to simply create a new card in Trello whenever someone fills out a request form created in Google Forms. The Google Form has a list of items to choose from that in the Zap I connect to make a checklist. When I test my Zap I get what I want - a card with a checklist. When I publish the Zap then fill out the form as a live test, I get two Trello cards - one with a checklist and one without. Has anyone had this problem? Is there a way to fix it? I don’t see what could be causing the problem. Whether I build it myself or use a template from a page in the community (which had all the same steps), my published Zap creates two cards in Trello. It was very easy to build what I needed which was great, but it’s been very hard to figure out what’s going on. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Hi @Courtny Brooks 

Good question.

Please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured to give us context.

Check your Zap Runs history details to see the DATA IN/OUT for each Zap step to help you troubleshoot:

Thanks Troy. Here are screenshots of the zap. There is one of each step. I hope these are attaching in order. 

And here are screenshots of the zap history including data in and data out. I don’t see anything odd in either set of screenshots, but this is my first time doing this.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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@Courtny Brooks 

The data out of the Zap Runs shows the Trello Card Shortlink ID.


You can search by that in the Zap Runs to see if there are any matching Zap Runs to help you troubleshoot.


If you open a Trello Card, the browser URL contains the Trello Card Shortlink ID.

EXAMPLE Trello Card link:

XXXX is the Trello Card Shortlink ID


Otherwise, you may have some other Zap configured that is ON or a Trello automation ON that is creating the duplicate Trello Card.


@Troy Tessalone When you say to search, do I drop the short link here?

If not, where should I search. Sorry if it’s super simple - like I said, totally new and learning where things are.

I had other zaps but I deleted them to give myself a fresh start. This is the only zap I have right now. That said, I wonder if maybe the form itself is the issue? Maybe the old zaps are still there on the form side even though I deleted them in Zapier? 


As for Trello, I’m pretty sure there are no automations. We have barely used it, and when we have it’s been very basic - creating boards and cards. 

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@Courtny Brooks 

Yes, that is how to search the Zap Runs.


You’d have to give us more context about what you mean by the issue being with the “form itself”.


We’d need more proof of duplicate Trello Cards being created. (screenshots)

Are they exact duplicates? (Or are there differences? e.g. Card Title is different)