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401 authentication failed error when connecting to Revue

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I have the same issue :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for letting us know, @duyontheway. I’ve added you to the list of affected users too!

UPDATE! I reached out to Revue and they had a solution that worked for me that I thought I'd share...


In order for the API number to work we need to authenticate your account. The authentication process is new.

To begin the authentication process, you will need to upload a subscriber list via the Revue Import system. 

(Here's how to do that:

Please, provide as much detail as possible about your current subscriber source and how you grew your list.
Once approved, you'll receive API access.


I just re-uploaded the same list of people who had already subscribed, and that worked. 

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Thanks for sharing that, @SheenaLevi! So glad to hear that worked for you! 

Thanks for sharing that, @SheenaLevi! So glad to hear that worked for you! 

I too need to integrate zapier with revue and facing the same issue. Can you add me to your list too?

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Sure thing @therajatg! I’ve added you to the list of affected users as well. We’ll be in touch with any updates as they happen! :slight_smile:

I'm facing the same problem. Add me 


I am also experiencing this same issue. What should I do here?

I have the same issue. Can you add me to the list of affected users as well please?

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@smithgp27 and, thanks for reaching out. I’ve added you both to the list of impacted users! We’ll email once there’s a fix in place. 

Some users have had some success reaching out to the Revue team with this issue! I might be worth reaching out to them directly.

Hello, I’m facing the same issue!

Can I also be added to the list please?


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Of course you can, @FahadA! I’ve just added you now. We’ll be sure to let you know by email the minute this has been resolved. :slight_smile:

Same issue, please add me to the list!

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You got it, @Alchemy! You’re good to go. 

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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to pop in here to share a quick update. The bug is still open, but appears to only be occurring for Revue accounts that have not been verified yet.

To get your account verified you would need to follow the steps in this Revue Help Center article, to submit a subscriber list. Uploading your subscriber list to Revue will trigger the authentication process which will submit your account for review. The review process can take up to 24 hours once you have submitted your account. 

If you’re running into any issues uploading the subscriber list I’d recommend reaching out to Revue’s support team for further assistance.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile: