100 rows limit with insert in Google sheet

  • 10 November 2023
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I’m using “Create Multiple Spreadsheet Rows in Google Sheets” for a Zap.

I have more than 100 items to insert, but it remains capped at 100 lines in my sheet.

I can’t split the data as I receive it in a single JSON from a previous zap.

Also, in the zap history, I can see at the end the following : “(truncated for size)”.

Okay but… I can’t reduce the size of the output from the previous zap.

Any idea on how to manage this ? And any idea why it remains at 100 all the time ? Because it’s not a question of size (number of characters) because each time the number of characters change, so sometimes I could have more than 100 lines.

So it’s definitely truncated because of a limit of 100 lines. I guess.

Thanks for your help ! :)


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Hi @Tfou 

Good question.

An advanced approach would be to use the GSheets API: