Approaches for testing a new Zapier App version

  • 12 January 2023
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As a developer, what approaches do y'all favour for testing an upcoming Zapier App version?

Some options come to mind:

  1. Release a new private version, make the changes and point URLs to a testing backend server. Check everything works. Once happy, point URLs to live server again and promote version.

  2. Create a Zapier App which is essentially a copy of the Production one. This app is permanently pointing to a testing backend server. Drawback: it's hard to ensure they are in sync. Updating settings is a manual error-prone process.

  3. Use Zapier CLI instead of the Web Builder and rely on unit tests (From Zapier CLI i just know what i read from the docs, haven't tried it yet).

Anyways, i am curious about other people's recommendations. Floor is open for discussion :)

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