Dynamic Google Sheets Formulas

  • 1 December 2020
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Figured this workaround out today but have been trying to figure this out for a bit so I thought I would share in case anyone else needed it! This is to create dynamic formulas that will calculate data as rows come in to google sheets. First use the create row step to create the row without the formula fields or with formula fields that are not dynamic. 

Immediately after this step, add another step to Update a Row. Use the custom tab to insert the row that was created in the previous step for the row to be updated then when you type in your formulas you can insert that same row Id where you would usually reference it in your formula. Voila! I hope that helps!


3 replies

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Really clever! Thanks @GetUWired 

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Thanks @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu !

Of course right after I figured this out Troy Tessalone pointed me in the direction of ArrayFormulas and I ended up going that route to save a task. 

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(Adding that here just to save people arriving here, and going hunting for it)