You can now copy & paste steps in your Zaps!

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You can now copy & paste steps in your Zaps!

Building upon the work we did last year, enabling users to duplicate and re-order Zap steps, we’re now launching the ability to copy and paste steps!


Reduce the tedium of building Zaps (and build complex Zaps even faster). Leverage work you’ve already done by copying and pasting steps in single Zaps and across multiple Zaps. 

How It Works

  • In your Zap, find the step you’d like to reuse.
  • Click on the  to the right of that step’s label.
  • Click on Copy to add that step to your “clipboard”.

NOTE: you can either Paste below or Paste to replace an existing step

  • Click on the … for the step you’d like to paste below or paste to replace.

Demo: Paste Below (Same Zap)

Here we will copy the Webhooks by Zapier step and paste it below an existing step.


Demo: Paste to Replace (Same Zap)

Here we will copy the Formatter by Zapier step and paste to replace an existing step.


Demo: Paste Below + Paste to Replace (Different Zaps)

In this case, lets copy a step from one Zap then try both paste options inside a new Zap.



NOTE: Anything you can do in the main editor, in terms of copying and pasting steps, you can also do in the sidebar. For example...




More Details

There are a few rules around copying and pasting that you should be aware of:

  • Trigger steps can only replace other trigger steps
  • Trigger steps cannot be pasted below other steps since there can only be 1 trigger step per Zap
  • Action steps cannot replace trigger steps


Over to You!

What are you most excited to use Copy & Paste with? Are there any huge pain points that are now alleviated by this new feature? For me, it’s Webhooks steps and ones where I’ve spent a lot of time mapping fields :)


This is going to save SO much time! 🙌

Woop woop! 🎉 Love to see it!