Transferring shared app connections when a team member leaves

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Transferring shared app connections when a team member leaves

One of the great things about having a Teams or Companies account is that team members can collaborate by sharing Zaps and the app connections that power them. But sometimes a team member leaves the organization, and you want to make sure that those shared Zaps keep working.

Previously we’d addressed this by transferring shared Zaps and shared folders created by an outgoing team member to the owner of the account. This catches a lot of issues, but if one of your account’s Zaps uses a shared app connection that was created by the departing team member, you’d still run into some bumps.

Starting this week, we are now also transferring shared app connections created by outgoing team members to the account owner when a team member is removed from your account. This means that you will be able to edit, activate, and run Zaps that used those shared connections without seeing errors about the connection belonging to an inactive member.

Hopefully this makes things a little easier for y’all – please let us know if you’ve got any questions! :-)


Mike Pirnat

Zapier Backend Engineer

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