Code with AI: Turn a sentence into code

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Code with AI: Turn a sentence into code

What do you get when code meets no-code? Zapier's new AI-generated code steps: a magical way to turn a sentence into bespoke code that powers your workflows. 

Just describe what you’d like to do, and we’ll automatically generate a code snippet to solve your problem. You can tweak it—or keep generating—until it’s just right. udemo clip]

At a Glance

  • Use AI-generated code snippets to add maximum flexibility to your Zaps, without writing JavaScript or Python yourself. 
  • Use natural language to generate custom code for any obstacle. Our AI writes code incredibly fast, whether you spend your day in the command line or a word processor.
  • Tweak your prompt and regenerate the snippet until it’s just right. sdemo clip

What’s In It for You?

  • Feel empowered to build custom steps and automate in the exact way your business needs, no matter how unique your problem is.
  • Feel efficient. You can generate code and build bespoke solutions in seconds, instead of pouring time into coding it by hand, hiring someone to code for you, or not at all.
  • You can create the blueprint for your code step in an instant, by writing a simple sentence. 
  • Non-coder specific:  AI unlocks an infinite number of ways for you to solve tricky workflow problems with code—even though you’re not a developer. 

How it Works

Video demo (May 11)


  • In the Zap editor, select the "Code by Zapier" integration
  • Choose either the Run JavaScript Code or Run Python Code actions
  • You'll see the option to input data (i.e. variables) that can be referenced by your Code action. Here, you can set variables that pull from other steps in your Zap.
  • Click “Generate with AI.” This will pop up a modal. 
  • Write a prompt in natural language in the text box (e.g. "Return the current weather for the provided zip code variable)
  • Click "Generate Code." 
  • Review the generated code, and choose if you want to add your code snippet into the Zap, cancel and discard it, or go back and edit your prompt.
  • You have the option to tweak the output of the code snippet once you’ve added it to your Zap.
  • Click continue and test the code step.

We Want to Hear From You!

What do you think of this feature? Did it work well for you? Did you find some cool use cases that had previously eluded you? 

yea! good step forward