ZapierNLARunAction Textlimit with Google Docs: Create Document?

  • 5 June 2023
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I try to post an article to google docs with ZapierNLARunAction and Google Docs: Create Document from Text. If post an article with 2000 Char it works.

With 3000 chars I get:

requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 400 Client Error: Bad Request for url:


Is there a textlimit?

It is the same with other Apps like Medium: Create Story.

How to post a longer text?

5 replies

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Hi @andreas123!

I don’t know the answer to that myself, but I’ve asked the team that works on NLA for some clarification. I (or someone from that team) will update this topic with more information about that. 

Are there any updates?

Hello is there any update on this ?

I tried multiple actions but it seems like we are very limited in content size, considering the use case of the tools

The current limit for actions like google docs is 300 on my end, anything bigger than this makes the tool error

It seems that @nicksimard didn´t answer the question, so that, we need to assume that Zapier doesn´t allow send text bigger thatn 300 words? I’m evaluating Zapier to automatize process in my company, but it seems is not working properly and worst there is not properly answers because Zapier staff didn´t confirm anything. 
Anyone in the community have more info?