ChatGPT OAuth state invalid why trying to connect zapier actions

  • 13 November 2023
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Whenever I try to configure a action by clicking: and giving OpenAI access to Zapier, it goes back to ChatGPT and displayed “OAuth state invalid or not found” then after GPT proceeds to tell me there are no Zapier actions connected even though I know I made sure they are turned on;. 

I have loaded the schema and done everything asked for in the tutorial. I’ve deleted my cookies, tried microsoft edge and Firefox, nothing seems to work. Any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot this?

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29 replies

Same problem here. 

Previously, the connection was made through the Open AI account (not the Chat GPT account), with the generation of an API Key and the need for an account balance to consume tokens. Today, it appears that this integration is changing. So much so that if you access your GPT Plus account and enter plugins mode, you will see a blocked icon on the Zapier Plugin. It is not possible to install this plugin or access it correctly (for those who already have it installed)


same freaking problem..


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I have to say I’m feeling pretty glad I didn’t sign up for a paid account at this point…over a month since the issue was reported, zero updates. Same issue persists with no fix in sight and no communication whatsoever.