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Zoom Meeting Registration

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I am trying to connect a Gravity Form to a Zoom Meeting Registration. 

It appears that only a Zoom Webinar Registration can be connected.


Does anyone know anything about this and is there a work around?




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Please add us to this feature request too.

Looking to zap Zoom registrations into NationBuilder, or vice versa.

Saw in the earlier replies that Zoom is the team that would be implementing this. As a paying customer of Zoom, is there somewhere I can upvote this work, so their support knows that this is a high-priority feature request?


p.s. Looking forward to @nicksimard ‘s blog post about a possible workaround.

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Hi @BBI!

I've gone ahead and added your vote for that feature. We'll let you know via email when that's been implemented. In terms of contacting Zoom, I’m not aware of anywhere in particular where you could upvote things. You could reach out to their Support team to see if they can help out at all, maybe.

And for the workaround, it became quite complex as a write-up so I have to see whether I can simplify it or maybe look into making a video. If not this week, I’ll look into that next week :)

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Hey everyone! I’ve published the workaround I came up with, to trigger Zaps on new meeting registrants. There are some caveats and this is just ONE way to do it. There are others, like using Webhooks (as described in this post).

Check it out: 


Hey Nick,

Thanks for putting together the work around…  given how many people expressed interest on this thread, it should be really useful.  I just need to see if I have the tech know how myself…

Please add me to the list of people interested in the Zap direct from meeting registrants.

I saw you and your colleagues talk about this needing to come from the Zoom team.  Is that people from Zapier who work on the Zoom account, or people at Zoom?  

Using your instructions, could I ask if there’s a way to Zap Zoom meeting registrants directly to Mailchimp?

I’m launching a free wellbeing webinar (which I’m running as a meeting) and want to automate some e-mails that go out weekly after the webinar runs.

The people signing up may be completely new to me, or I may have some of them from earlier campaigns…  I’d guess more new than already existing.

I’ve got the e-mail part to work, now I need to know if I have to use Google Sheets as an intermediary step, or if there’s a way to go straight to Mailchimp!



@Danvers please can you add me to the feature request?

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@aliwebb You've been added to the report!

Could I please be added to the report? thanks!

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Hi @emurobot 

I’ve added your vote for this feature request, and we’ll  notify you via email once an update is readily available. Thanks.

For sending reminders for Zoom meetings with registration (one use case for registrants) we found to be a good solution