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Zoom + Constant Contact Save Registrants

  • 18 August 2020
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More or less looking to do the same thing. Want our Zoom registrants (webinar or meeting) to be automatically saved to our Constant Contact database. Also want option for them to opt out beforehand.


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Hi @ddeleo ,

Thanks for reaching out!

You will want to use the Zoom Trigger “New Registrant” and the Constant Contact Action “Create Contact” for this workflow. Here are the Triggers & Actions to get started. As far as the opt out, I’m not sure if that is possible within the Zap, but they could always unsubscribe at any time via the CC email.

Let us know if you have any additional questions!

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Thanks for this info, think I’m still a little unsure of how to do this. In addition, what I’d really like to do is say that when someone registers for a meeting the zap not only adds them to  our CC list, but that it goes directly to a subgroup. Example: John Smith registers for our monthly parent peer support group meeting. The zap not only adds him to CC but puts him in the correct “parent peer support group list”. (I’d also like to be able to add to multiple CC lists--say that one and “all contacts”.)

Does this make sense? Seems like it is possible for Zoom webinars but not meetings.



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Hi @ddeleo 

First of all, you’re right that this will only work for Zoom webinars and not Zoom meetings. 

Secondly, when you in the Create Contact step for Constant contact, you can choose to add people to a specific list - is that what you mean by subgroup? I’m not super familiar with Constant Contact so I don’t know if groups are different than lists.


If you haven’t set up a Zap before, then the page that Liz suggested (Triggers & Actions ) is a great place to start. You can choose the trigger that you need (Zoom - New registrant) and the action (Constant Contact - Create Contact) and then click the ‘Connect Zoom and Constant Contact button and the page will create that Zap for you 🙂



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Since we do 1 webinar for every 10 meetings that’s very disappointing. Is there a reason for it not working with meetings? Seems like there is very little difference, data and coding wise. Is it on the Zoom side or is it on your end?



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@ddeleo the Zoom integration is owned and maintained by the Zoom team, so in this case it would be their team that adds the option to trigger from new registrant (attendee) for meetings. There is an open feature request for this addition and I’ve added you as an interested user, which lets the Zoom team know how many users would like to see it and also means that we’ll send you an email if there’s an update. 

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Hi all! I wanted to take a moment to update this thread. As of yesterday there is now a New Meeting Registrant trigger on the Zoom app. Let us know if you have any questions!