Zoho - Zap to Google Calendar - delete an entry when deleted in Zoho

  • 24 December 2022
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I use Zoho for my CRM and add events in Zoho as a Deals module.

I have successfully created the zap that finds, creates or updated the record in my apple calendar (via a google calendar).

However, if I delete an event in Zoho, I want it to delete from the calendar too.  Zoho has no option for delete in Zapier.

How do I achieve this?

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4 replies

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Hi @jsharpripple 

Good question.

Depending on which Zoho CRM plan you have, you may be able to use Zoho Workflow Automation Rules, found in Settings to trigger a Zap via a Webhook.

Otherwise, you may have to use the Zoho CRM API:

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Hi @jsharpripple 

There is no native zapier trigger for this, in this case you can use Webhook and Zoho Workflow to get it done. Here are the steps:

  • Zoho Workflow: Create a workflow that triggers when a record is deleted and sends data via Webhook action to the Zapier webhook trigger
  • Zapier Trigger: Webhook by Zapier
  • Action: Google calendar delete event
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Hey @jsharpripple! Looks like Webhook was a popular recommendation for your Zap, were you able to give it a try? Let us know if you still have any questions!

Thank you all - I’ll give the webhook option a try.  It has become a bit more complicated now as my automation now looks like this:


  • A new event is either created or modified in Zoho CRM
  • Via Zapier - a search is made of my Google calendar for the event ID, if it is already there, the details are modified, if the ID cannot be found a new event is created in the calendar.
  • This event is sent to my Apple calendar - via native google account sync
  • Google calendar (via Zapier) sends that event to Ubeya (my staff scheduling system) and adds it ready for me to staff the event.

Looking at all of this, deleting an event may be easier to do manually for now!