Zoho Invoice > CLOCKIFY Error : CLIENT not found

  • 2 August 2021
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I am having some issues getting, what I thought was a basic process working between Zoho Invoice and Clockify.

All I want to do, is create a project within Zoho Invoice, and this then triggers a new project being created in Clockify, with the Job ref, description being shown, and attached to the correct client in Clockify.

Here is my Zapier setup for Clockify;

However, when I test this - I get  “The app returned "CLIENT with ID 'ABCD' not found." I have double checked and the client names are identical in both Zoho and Clockify and not entirely sure what to do next?

Any guidance very much welcomed :)



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1 reply

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Hi @mmfreelance 

Most apps expect the internal ID (generally a number or a cryptic alphanumeric string), rather than the friendly name “ABCD”.
You can see this by looking at the dropdown values in the “Client” field.

Try adding a Clockify Find/Create Project step, then map the ID found to the “Client” field.