Zoho Inventory fulfillment data sent to Shopify is incorrect on product bundles

  • 18 August 2021
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Zoho inventory does not have any way of using the same inventory pool to create virtual bundles within its system. On Shopify we sell a bundle that we want to fulfill from the same component inventory pool without having to allocate separate inventory to it. Here’s an example:

Shopify has 5 computer items for sale:
1) Monitor
2) Tower
3) Keyboard
4) Mouse
5) Complete Computer Bundle (includes 1x Monitor, 1x Tower, 1x Keyboard, 1x Mouse)

If I have 100 of each item 1-4 in my warehouse, the stock count for #5 is automatically 100. If someone buys 10 Monitors, I now have 90 Monitors left and also only 90 Complete Computer Bundles left since I can’t compile more than that due to monitor limitations. As of right now, Zoho Inventory requires me to set the inventory for 1-4 to 90 and #5 to 10 so each item has it’s own allocated inventory. If I sell 5 of those 10 bundles, I’ll have 5 bundles left and still 90 of each of the other items. That’s a complete backwards approach, I don’t care if someone buys 100 monitors or 100 bundles, the inventory should deplete across the board.

I figured I’ll use Zapier to break down the bundle between Shopify and Zoho Inventory so it hits Zoho as 4 separate items and it manages the stock count properly. However, the problem lies in Zoho communicating fulfillment back to Shopify. It’s going to tell it “we shipped out 4 items” and Shopify will be confused because the customer ordered 1 item only and the SKU doesn’t match any of the 4 items that were shipped.

I need to figure out a way to make this work using Zapier, if there is a way. Maybe there’s a custom setup that can be put in place for the other way around so Shopify receives “Complete Computer Bundle shipped” instead of 4 items shipped.

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Hey @P1NMike, welcome to the Community!

It looks like Zoho Inventory has the ability to create item groups. So I’m wondering if you could potentially use the item grouping in Zoho Inventory to better match up the grouped items that are shipped to the bundle in Shopify. It seems that it’s possible to set a custom SKU for the item group so you could set that to be the same as the one used by Shopify: Generating SKUs for an Item Group 

Do you think that approach could work for you here?