Zaps work but are turned off automatically every few days

  • 12 August 2021
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I created some zaps for my customers. All of them are syncing with google sheets, but they are turns off automatically every few days. I have many zaps and I can't follow them. 

In fact, the zaps works good but the but they are turned off automatically every few days. please help me.

Thank you

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5 replies

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Hi @Shahar Hatan 

Check your Zap app connections here:

You can open a ticket with Zapier Support here:

You can use Zapier Manager app to be notified when Zaps are turned OFF:

Understand Zap statuses


Zaps can exist in 3 states:

  • On: Zaps actively check for new data when they are turned on, and perform the action(s) when triggered. A Zap only registers data that has come in since the Zap was turned on. Any data that comes in while a Zap is turned off will not be registered when the Zap is turned on again.
  • Off: Zaps that are turned off do not actively check for new data or perform actions. Zapier automatically turns your Zaps off for you in three situations:
    • You lose access to a paid feature the Zap uses (e.g., multi-step Zaps or premium apps) due to a trial expiration or plan downgrade.
    • Multiple errors occur each time the Zap tries to run. An email notification will be sent if a Zap is turned off due to errors.
    • You make a change to a trigger or action of the Zap. You will need to turn the Zap back on once you are done editing it.
  • Draft: Draft Zaps lack certain required data (e.g., an action step) and cannot be turned on until they are fully set up.

Thank you for the support, but I want that the zaps will always stay on. The zaps are automatically.

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@Shahar Hatan 

You’ll have to troubleshoot why the Zaps are turning OFF.

For a Zap, click on the (i) icon then go to the Change History to see if there are clues as to why the Zaps are being automatically turned OFF.

Also, make sure to review the help articles for using GSheets in Zaps:

NOTE: GSheets have a fair amount of limits/restrictions in order for them to be used properly with Zaps.

Otherwise, you can open a ticket with Zapier Support here:



what is the problem in my zap?


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@Shahar Hatan 

That status likely means your Zap isn’t configured correctly and as a result is experiencing lots of errors.

Check your Zap Runs for the errors and clues as to what needs to be fixed in the Zaps to prevent the errors:

One solution may be to add a Filter step: