Zaps not working rss

  • 28 May 2020
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Dear Community,


I have connected Rss to facebook group but my zaps are not trigging while there is a new newspost on the website. Can someone help me?

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6 replies

I says: We couldn't find any new items. while there are new items on the website publisched today. I dont think im going to getting a  pro subscribtion on zapier. It just doenst work….

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Hi @ygonews!

Is your Zap turned on, or are you just testing the trigger in the Zap Editor? And what’s the RSS feed URL, if you wouldn’t mind providing that? 

If you’ve successfully tested the steps in the Zap you’ll need to make sure you turn it on before you’re able to get those RSS items into your Facebook Group :)


yes it is on, I also tried to do it with slack but also that down work.


Here are the printscreens from Rss and Slack.


Facebook group is connected to zapier ^

And test (rss & slack) with zapier are working printscreens below



Can someone please help me ……..

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Thanks for confirming that the RSS feed is working for your Slack Zap. 


When you look at the task history for the RSS > Facebook Groups Zap, are there any tasks there? Specifically can you see if the Zap was triggered by the RSS item and then hit an error? Or are there no tasks there at all?

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@ygonews I see that you’ve written to our Support team and they have responded with some directions and also some questions. Please continue the conversation there, since they’re able to dig into your Zaps :)