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Zaps HubSpot Form Submission to Stripe Create Customer and Create Subscription - Need help with Stripe

  • 29 May 2020
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Once a New Form Submission in HubSpot happens, I want to Create Customer in Stripe and also Creat Subscription in Stripe.

The scenario;  Someone signing up for a user based subscription by completing a HubSpot Form.


-- HubSpot - The Form collects the Name, email, Tax ID, Subscription Plan (choice of 4 options), the Number of Users (Qty) and  Checkbox for accepting Terms & Conditions

-- Stripe - I’d like to Create a Customer in Stripe with the Name, email, and Tax ID, then

-- Stripe - I’d like to Create Subscription in Stripe with the Plan, Number of Users (Quantity).



  1. In Stripe - Customize Customer, how do I set the Tax ID Type to “AU ABN” and pass the Tax ID from HubSpot to the Stripe Customer Tax ID? 
  1. In Stripe -  Customize Subscription, how do I add the Users (Quantity) for the Plan?  e.g. Silver Plan $25 per User per Month, and the Quantity is 2 Users, therefore a $50 per month subscription in Stripe. 

Are there detailed examples anywhere? screenshots?

Thank you!



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Hi @Portertechservices ,

Thanks for reaching out! I am going to escalate this to our Support team so that they can look at your Zap’s configuration to see which setting will need to be tweaked so that you can achieve your workflow. 

Someone will be in touch just as soon as they can!

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If anyone has a similar issue, the Support Team came back to @Portertechservices on this one, but it’s not great news I’m afraid:


At the moment, the ability to set the tax id when creating a Stripe customer is not available.

I went ahead and personally added your vote to the request for that feature which does the following:

  • Raises the request with the team

  • Gives us a place to track user interest on our end

  • Reminds us to notify you once this become available

I don't have a timeline for when this functionality will be implemented, but if its something that can get developed, we'll automatically send you an email to let you know.

In regard to calculating the total price/amount for a new subscription, while I'm not an expert in Stripe my understanding is that Subscription Items actually need to be used in order to determine quantity. More information on that here:

We currently do not have support for subscription items and so I've let the team know about this request, as well.

So sorry to not have better news on both of these items! I appreciate your understanding as we work to look through these feature requests.