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Zapier x Copper Integration

  • 23 September 2020
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Hi everyone - i need help setting up a Zapier integration for Copper x Google Sheets. I am brand new to zapier and could use live support help if anyone knows a way to make that happen?


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What are you trying to configure in your Zap?
GSheets > Copper OR Copper > GSheets

GSheets > Copper 

Specifically as it reports into leads vs companies vs opportunities 

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Hi there @transparency123 - I understand that you were able to chat to our Support team, but I wanted to share the answer here to ensure that others can find it also:

I took a look at your Zap and it's detailed logs and luckily there is a slightly more detailed error message in there. We try to surface all the error information into the Task History / Zap editor as much as possible, but sometimes the messages are formatted in a way where that doesn't happen. Sorry about that, I know it's frustrating not to have a starting point.

Here's the full error:
"error": "Invalid input: Invalid attributes for Create/Update Company; specified name Twilio corresponds to multiple Companies with ids:[48139351, 47126551, 49149383]"

I checked the other Task History entry with that error and it was the same / similar:
"error": "Invalid input: Invalid attributes for Create/Update Company; specified name BNY Mellon corresponds to multiple Companies with ids:[48138156, 48138908, 48139256]"

To solve this, I'd recommend trying one of the following:

  • Consolidating and/or renaming the companies with the same name until there is only one each with a specific name
  • OR, try adding a Search for a Company Step so you can get the Company ID. Then, in Step 2 change the Match By Value field to ID and the ID field to the ID you looked up with the search.

There was one thing I noticed while checking out your Zap again that might be related to the fields not working as expected. In the Create/Update Company Step, there is an E-Mail Domain field:
(view larger)

It looks like this would be expecting only the domain after the @, like in the example above. If that's what's throwing things off, we can fix it using a Formatter Text Action before the Create/Update Company Action. Using the Split transform, we can split the text on the "@" and return the second half, giving us just the domain name to use in that field.