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  • 22 March 2023
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This is probably a niche question. I currently have a zap that connects to slack and monitors for mentions, then notifies my tidbyt.


This works great, however the message persists for far too long on my tidbyt. I don’t see any settings for the last mention to timeout in the Zapier client on tidbyt. 

Other Tidbyt applications will timeout, or let the notification expire after x amount of time. 

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5 replies

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Hi @morriscode 

Good question.

Can you elaborate by providing a specific example to give us more context about what you are trying to do?

Also, how are you Zap steps configured? (show screenshots)

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Absolutely! Thank you


I shared a link to the zap that should show how it’s configured. I’ll include screenshots here: 

Step 1


This produces the desired result. 

However the message stays in rotation far longer than it should for a simple notification. On the tidbyt side of things. Upon creation the data from the push is sent to the tidbyt Zapier app. 


However it never expires. Meaning that until I get another notification, this one will stay in my application cycle, constantly resurfacing in my Tidbyt app queue.

It should have an expiration timeout preferably a configurable one, to clear the data pushed from the event.

Spotify and Google Calendar for example will go to sleep or self clear if no new data is being sent



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You may need to add a Delay step then another Send Notification step to set some default state to act as clearing the notification.

Thanks that’s a good idea, I’ll see if I can explore that. I’m not sure if there’s a way to send a clear. For transparency, I think this is more on the tidbyt side of the house than the zapier side, but you guys have a much more active community :) 

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If possible it would need to be supported in their API: