Zapier Storage Key Limit

  • 11 May 2022
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I have built out a number of integrations using Zapier Storage for a client. The current secret I’m using has a number of keys which are arrays, each with 8-10 key/value pairs inside.

I see that there’s an overall limit of 500 values for each secret. Can someone clarify how nested arrays count towards that limit? For example, take the following example which I could store in my key:

"my_main_key": {
"sub_key_1": "sub_value_1",
"sub_key_2": "sub_value_2",
"sub_key_3": "sub_value_3"
"my_second_main_key": {
"sub_key_4": "sub_value_4",
"sub_key_5": "sub_value_5",
"sub_key_6": "sub_value_6"

This represents two “primary” keys, each with 3 “secondary” keys. Would this count as:

  • 2/500 values only for the primary keys? (I doubt this, but a guy can dream...)
  • 6/500 values only for the “innermost” keys?
  • 8/500 values because every key, regardless of nesting level, counts?


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4 replies

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Hi @a.mitchell 

You can learn about the limits here:

I believe child keys will also be counted.

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Hi, @robschmidt !

Yes, I did see the documentation - came here because, as you can see, it isn't explicitly defined. I'm guessing you're right, but wanted to be sure.

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Hi @a.mitchell 

Good question.

You may want to open a ticket with Zapier Support for official confirmation about the Storage key limits:

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Hey @a.mitchell! I’m curious as to what your outcome was here, would you mind sharing if you were able to figure out whether the nested keys counted towards your storage?🤔