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Zapier - Shopify - line items and data

  • 10 August 2022
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Hey there Zapier comunity! I have been working on this one with a few developers but are yet to find the solution that works and it is a bit tricky but I am confident that someone in here will be amazing and have a work around!

We are about to sell close to two thousand diaries between now and December, we offer our customers to add personalisation where the can have their name embossed on the cover. 

Historically I manually entered these into and that way I could filter the data and do all of the green diaries first for example, and then mark it as done when the order has been customised then pass that onto the despatch team. 

This year I want to have an automation take care of the data entry from shopify into as that would save me a lot of time! I have been working with a Zapier expert and another developer but neither of them have been able to have the automation enter the data into how I need it to be done. 

The main issue I’m running into is that if a customer orders more than one customised diary, Zapier can’t take that shopify data and put it onto two line items in Monday, as the integration on the Monday side doesn’t allow it. We have tried other way with Zapier Looping but it still doesn’t work. 

I’m at a loss here and really want this automation to work. Can I have one of your delevlopers take a look into it and possibly work on a solution? Thanks so much!


Columns I need:

1) Order number, 2) Diary chosen line item name, 3) Monograming foil colour, 4) Monogramming text.

Rows, would be additional if they have ordered multiple diaries in the one order. 


Below is screen shot of the data Zapier is reading for shopify. Just when you select the data from the drop down options, it combines all of the customisation into one line and it needs to be all sperate.


I have also attached a screenshot of how the properties look when selecting in Zapier, you can see it groups the customisation options together.


The third screenshot is a image of how I want the data to read into monday.

It’s almost like we need to do a excel style formatter code base of if statements, but that is well beyond my abilities and I haven’t had the success i was looking for with hiring two Zapier experts.



How properties import in Zapier, multiple diary order, lists them on the same line so it cant be used.



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Hey there, @matt.genefaas - thanks for reaching out in the Community. 

I can see you were able to chat with my friends in support and they offered this as a recommendation:

Since your trigger in this case (Shopify) supports Line Items, but your action ( does not, this becomes a bit more complicated.
As a workaround, you might consider using Looping by Zapier to run a cycle that will reference each line item in your order and action on each one in
Please check the help-doc linked above and pay particular attention to the section about looping on line items here:

I know you mentioned you’re also working with Zapier Experts on this as well - which is amazing! Since we’re not able to offer implementation services, hiring an Expert is definitely going to be your best path forward. 

Keep us posted if you’re able to find a solution! We’d love to know. 🤗

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Hey @matt.genefaas ,


I have build a lot of automations with Monday and Shopify. Can we schedule a quick call? I am still not clear with the exact problem faced by other experts. Shall we take this discussion over DM?

Our issue has been with the line irms properties all feeding in on one line as shown in the Zapier import.

I have gone to our web developer to have a title for the second input field (text input) to see if that alters the way the data imports into Zaper and recognises it as a seperate field!

Will keep you posted on how that turns out.

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Hey @matt.genefaas! How are things going? Were you able to connect with your web developer to get data recognized as a second field? Let us know - we want to make sure you’re good to go here!