Zapier runs twice on trigger

  • 21 December 2020
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Hello Everyone,


I have a zapier dealflow within affinity. I trigger one zap with a change in field value on the “status” column in Affinity. The idea is whenever the owner in a certain is changed I will sent him directly a slack message. For some reason if I delte the owner (wrong assigment) and then assigned it again the zaps always gets triggered twice ! 

Is there a way to work around this ? I do not understand why zapier does it ! 



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3 replies

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It sounds it triggers twice here in these situations:

  • An owner is changed from “Person X” to “-” (Delete Owner)
  • An owner is changed from “-” to “Person Y” (Assign New Owner)

Can you maybe prevent it by using a Filter in Zapier that triggers only if the owner IS NOT “-”?

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What Affinity trigger are you using in your Zap?

If it’s “Field Value Changes” that will trigger for addition/deletion/update of the field.


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Hey @Starburst - Is it possible to use a filter here - so that if the user has been deleted, the zap doesn’t continue?