Zapier is splitting text unexpectedly

  • 6 October 2020
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Problem # 1
I am trying to add different options for product variations in WooCommerce, the data is coming from PipeDrive and going towards WooCommerce to create new products. 


scenario # 1

Unexpectedly after testing the zap and checking the response received, looks like it splits data based on space, but then merge the last word of one option with the first word of next option as shown in the image below. is there any solution for this problem. It simply should not split words.


Scenario # 2

Zapier splits data differently in this way.

Response received


Problem # 2

is there a way to set different prices and SKUs for product variations? from the UI and available fields on Zapier, looks like it is not possible currently. Please let me know if there is any workaround for this issue.

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6 replies

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Try putting double quotes around each of the variants.

Example: “3h XXX”

@Troy Tessalone 

no luck, same issue.

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Check these help articles:


still no luck, the links you have shared are not related to the problems I have mentioned above. I have visited that page which mentions common problems with woocommerce, however my problems are not listed there. 

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@Offerilla did you try to remove the space in between 'yourword 3h'?


You can replace the space with a _ for example. 'yourword_3h'.

Because I think WordPress handles the space as a new starting point (check WordPress tagging style/code/syntax)


I can’t add _ between words, these options are intended to be displayed on products pages.

And I have tried a different automation tool for this purpose, it has its own issue but it doesn’t split words like Zapier, so if that tool is working as expected, Zapier should work too. It has nothing to do with WordPress tagging style.