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Zapier input to trigger/run my Google Apps Script Functions

  • 21 July 2022
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At the moment, I have my Google Apps script set up to run “on edit”, which works perfectly when I manually input in a specific cell in Google Sheets. But, I’m trying to setup a zap that plugs in a specific value in that cell and will trigger those functions on its own. I’m able to get the zap to input the value into the cell but the functions aren’t getting triggered. I know “on edit” only works with user input so I was wondering what the workaround is for this so that the machine input can trigger the functions.


Any help is appreciated!


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Hey @RamiMuha!

That’s interesting about Google Apps script not being triggered when Zapier modifies a cell.

I’m familiar with Airtable, where certain things require user intervention in order to update, and Zapier modifying it does get registered.

If it truly must be user input, I’m not sure if there’s anything that can be done via Zapier.

I’ll see if anyone else can weigh in here. Maybe @Troy Tessalone since I know he works with code/scripts a fair amount (not sure about Google Apps Script, though).