Zapier from Slack to Salesforce

  • 30 April 2021
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Hello guys

Need some help and advice

I am trying to use zapier tool where i need to design some automation from slack to salesfore, below are my requirements


  • Set up an outgoing email notification to the end-user, when user '@' mentions, automatically the email should go to that mentioned user.
  • Creation of case records in salesforce when user @mentions in the slack channel,  There would be 2 types of @mentions (@ITcase,@Admincase). with the  case description
  • We need an option where if the user enters any message in the Slack channel after giving the @mention, it should not create a new case for the existing thread/same channel.
  • If the user in the salesforce updates the case as "closed". a message needs to update in the same thread where the case was created from the slack channel as "This Thread is closed".


Any help or guidence would be very helpfull for me

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7 replies


(Requirement 1)  - I don't want to create multiple threads every time when the new records get created,  Basically, There would be 2 channels (IT Cases, Admin Cases)
Ex -  if a slack user @mentions as "CreateITCase" in the IT cases channel, A subthread inside the IT case channel should be created related to that user,  The same process should happen for Admin case in the Admin Channel,
Requirement 2  - Whenever a User in the salesforce record tries to update in the comment section, The same text message should be posted in that particular thread, 
The same message has to be updated in the subthread for that particular user in the slack
Requirement 3 - When the slack user replies to that particular thread, Another case should not be created in that particular subthread.
Requirement 4 - When the user in the salesforce updates the record status as "closed", The subthread should be closed with the message "Thread is closed" with the dynamic comments which were updated in the salesforce case record
The same message should get updated in the slack subthread as well
These are my above requirements which I am trying to implement in the Zapier, If I have done any mistake, please help me rectify the issues, I want the Zapier team to help me out step by step starting from requirement 1 with Zap creation links,
I would really appreciate it if you guide me step by step with appropriate links 
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Hi @Manjunath-Proseraa!

Thanks for the incredibly detailed post. For some reason, I’m not able to see the images that are added to that last message you sent. Any chance you could reply to this thread and add those again so we can see them?

And since you created this post last week, I think it’s worth asking what you’ve managed to accomplish so we don’t cover things you’ve already figured out. Have you built any of the Zaps? Are you stuck on specific parts of it? Thanks!

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Hi @Manjunath-Proseraa I see you wrote into our support team for help building that Zap workflow. I’ll mark this thread as closed!

Hello Everyone, just a simple question regarding this. How can I manage to post in Salesforce from a Zap with @mention? I have tried to include in the body text @userID and @[user id]​ but it only pastes the literal text without mentioning the user. Any help would be so much appreciated! @nicksimard 

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Hi @Yuse!

Are you trying to @mention someone in Slack (from Salesforce) or in Salesforce (from Slack, or elsewhere)? Just want to make sure we’re on the same page here :)

Hello @nicksimard , I am trying to mention someone in Salesforce from Yammer, I am building an integration with Yammer.

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Hi @Yuse!

Which action are you using in the Salesforce step, out of curiosity?

I’m not sure if mentioning users is supported, but knowing which particular action you’re using will help us determine that :)