Zapier Email sending attachment to Airtable - file name and type

  • 31 January 2022
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I have a Zap set up to trigger on an email to a Zapier email address ( and then create a new record in Airtable, including taking a forwarded attachment and adding it to an Airtable attachment field.  Everything works as intended except that the file name and type are getting lost in the process.  So in Airtable the file appears as file name “Unnamed attachment” of an unknown file type (the file is there and is displayed by the Airtable viewer).  I have another Zap for Airtable to send that attachment on to Dropbox, but Windows can’t open the file because it is relying on the (missing) file extension.  If I change the file name to include .PDF (either in Airtable or later in Windows) it opens fine. 


The Zapier Mail details show a “raw file pointer” of filename.PDF, but I do not see any way to have that filename incorporated or retained when creating the file in Airtable.  It just displays in the Zap step as “Attachment: Exists but not shown.”  Is there an interim formatting utility available to name the attachment file being sent into Airtable? 


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3 replies

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Hi @armandav 

 Check out this related topic:



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Hey @armandav just checking in here! Were you able to get things sorted out by checking out the thread Troy suggested? Let us know - we want to make sure you’re good to go here!

Thanks, but no I don’t understand how to incorporate that.  I would need more of a step by step guide on both the Zapier and Airtable sides.