Zapier cannot find FreshSuite Account Name?

  • 28 January 2023
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I use freshworks CRM and I am trying to create a contact in SuiteDash when the deal hits a certain point in our freshworks pipeline.  

I have no issues finding the deal, hitting the trigger for the pipeline criteria, finding contact information etc.

The issue is - the contact information returns SALES_ACCOUNT_ID and not the actual name of the account/company.  Therefore the only way to find the company name and pull it into SuiteDash so we have a clean record is to do a subsequent search of the SALES_ACCOUNT_ID (find a company) and then retrieve the name.

However, after hours and hours of working on this... and dealing with Freshworks support... they claim this is an issue with Zapier and it is Zapier's responsibility to provide the lookup for account name.  

The only options we have for looks up are
-Deal name
-Find Contact By Unique Field
-Find Contacts by Email

So we are left with an inability to find the company name.

Directly from freshworks support:
"Any triggers and actions provided in zapier is developed by them and not Freshworks. In Freshworks API documentation, you will be able to find all the API calls for create, find, upsert etc. We do not have any control on the options provided in the third party tool. I understand the inconvenience caused and I apologize for the same."

Here is a video of me working through the issue...

Can someone please help me… thank you kindly in advance!

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4 replies

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Hi @frankrom 

Good question.

App APIs can have 100s of endpoints.

In Zap app integrations, usually only the most common/popular and easy to use endpoints are exposed.


To use app API endpoints that are not triggers/actions in the Zap app integration, the Webhooks app can be used as an action step in the Zap:


Freshsales API endpoint to use: (see screenshot below)


Use app APIs in Zaps is an advanced approach, so if you need help, consider hiring a Zapier Expert:



@Troy Tessalone Firstly thank you for your response…. weird because no one has ever said I have asked a good question in 38 years on this planet!

Secondly, I am new to Zapier and only started yesterday… although technical and can pick up quickly I still am not overly familiar with it and even more so not familiar with webhooks but surely can figure it out with some light guidance.

I do like to think “accessing accounts” is a very common feature! but I guess not.

I notice you indicated “Freshsales API endpoint to use:

Our domain is NOT that is for the basic version I believe.  We have freshsuite and our organization’s domain is actually 


So my question back at ya… is does that change anything?


I am still finding myself confused as to whether I am doing this right…. maybe I should describe what I am trying to do first.

Use Case:

  1. When we move a deal inside our pipeline into the stage called “data collection" i want to retrieve information information relating to the parties associated to the deal including the company name.
  2. I want to then push this data to SuiteDash and create the company and the contact

I can then pick it up from there with additional automation but I cannot seem to get there properly.

The other possible issue I am sniffing out is… the only trigger I can do relating to deals is “NEW DEAL (when a new deal is created)” and I am not sure this is the right trigger… but that is the only option I have.  

So would I have to use another API / webhooky thingagbobby URL to access a different trigger?

The more appropriate trigger would be “WHEN A DEAL IS MOVED” check the deal status and if the deal status EQUALS “data collection” then imitate the rest.  


Thx in advance.


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For the Zap trigger...

Sounds like you may need to use Webhooks in Freshworks:

Example: In Freshsales, you can use webhooks to send data to a third-party website or even create new records inside the CRM based on the trigger conditions. For example, you can set up a webhook triggered based on conditions to send an invoice automatically when a deal is signed.



Use this Zap trigger: Webhooks - Catch Hook

It will generate a unique webhook URL that you can set in Freshworks to fire based on your configured conditions for the Deal.


For the Zap action to find the Account Name based on the known Account ID...

Try this Freshworks API endpoint:


I’d recommend reading thru the introduction to the Freshworks API:




FYI: Feedback and feature requests can be submitted via a ticket to Zapier Support to be properly logged:

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Hiya, I wanted to pop in and check to see if you were able to get this working?

I noticed you were able to open a ticket with my teammates and an alternative recommendation from them was:

Based on my checking in Suitedash, it has a different ID character for the company, they only have 7 digits code, that's why it cannot be traced on the Freshdash, you may refer to this photo for reference:
(view larger)
The alternative way you can try for Suitedash is to use the Create Company action instead of create contact. If that doesn't work, you may add a search step of find company before the create contact.

Keep us posted!